Choose Font Dialog

UltraEdit allows selection of fonts for the screen and printer.  The selection of screen fonts will also apply to the printer if the Mirror Display Font menu item is checked on the View Menu.  If this item is not checked,  the printer fonts have been selected independently from the screen fonts.


The Font dialog is presented when font selection is selected from the View Menu.  It will be presented if either the Set Font or the Set Printer Font is selected.


The Font dialog presents a selection of installed fonts that may be selected  for use.  If the fonts are being selected for the printer, only fonts applicable to the printer are available.  Selection of font and font size is available.


Additionally, the option to Use OEM Fixed Pitch Font allows the user to specify an internal Windows OEM fixed pitch font to be used instead of one of the normal installed fonts. 

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Posted: Thu, Oct 20, 2011 7:40 AM
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