Tag List Modify

This dialog allows the Tag List to be modified.


A tag is simply a short string of characters and the name "tag" is used as this feature is commonly used for "HTML Tags".


The purpose of the tag list is to provide a method to easily insert into a document commonly used tags/strings without having to type them.


The filename field must be filled in.  This is the file used for storing the tags.  A New File may be created or the Browse button may be used to select an existing tag list file.


The tags may be split into groups for association.  At least one group must exist to add any tags and this may be defined with the New Group button.


Each tag may have a start and end tag.  The tags are entered in the boxes provided and can be inserted to the tag list with the Add Tag button or may be used to Replace the selected tag.


Clicking on an existing tag in the list will fill in the Begin Tag and End Tag boxes for easy modification.


When a new group is added or a different group selected a prompt is issued asking if any changes made should be saved. 

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