File View

The File View displays local/network drives and removable media.  Visibility of the File View may be toggled by selecting File View in the View menu.


If the button is pressed, the File View pane will be split horizontally with the upper pane showing the default file tree view, and the lower pane showing the contents of the selected folder as shown below:



If the button is pressed, the Set Filters dialog is displayed.  Using this dialog, users may create filters that may be used to condition what is displayed in the File View.  To create a new filter, the user should specify a description and a filter such as "Junk Files" and "*.jnk" and press the New Filter button to populate the filter table with the newly created filter.  Pressing the OK button will close the Set Filters dialog and add update the filter list.


Folders may be dragged from the top or bottom panes of the File View to the Find Locations text field to add the relevant folder path to the Find Locations list.

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