UltraCompare Versions

UltraCompare is available in both Lite and Pro versions.  The Lite version is packaged with UltraEdit and must be invoked from within UltraEdit.  


A summary of features is included below to show the differences between the versions:


The Lite Version:

        * requires that UltraEdit be running

        * must be invoked by UltraEdit

        * only supports Text Compare (files)


The Pro version:

        * is a standalone application and does not require that UltraEdit be running

        * supports Folder Compare (directories) as well as Text Compare (files)

        * supports fast binary compare, byte-by-byte

        * supports smart binary compare where bytes are inserted and will realign

        * supports merge of changes

        * includes additional toolbar items not found in the Lite version 


UltraCompare Pro also has several Command Line Options whereas UltraCompare Lite cannot be invoked from the command line.


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