3-Way Text Compare

When the 3-Way Text Compare is completed the result of the compare will be indicated in the application using a combination of symbols and colors.


<! indicates that data is in the left file but not the right file

!> indicates that data is in the right file but not the left file

!!  indicates that this section contains empty lines in both files

*  indicates that data is different between the compared files on the indicated line.


Along with the items above, lines detected as being different will be highlighted with the color specified for the Difference Background in the Colors dialog (by default a violet color) in the Options menu.  The active line is indicated with the color specified for the Navigation Background (by default a peach color).  If Mark empty lines is selected in the Colors dialog, empty sections (containing no data and no hard returns) will be indicated in the scaled/scrollable map with vertical blue bars on a white background.


Where it is observed that lines in Frame 2 are highlighted with a blue block fading to white toward one of the files being compared, this means that the block in Frame 2 matches the same block in Frame 1 but is different from the same block in Frame 3 (or vice-versa).


The status bar will also indicate the number of blocks and lines containing differences in the pair of files selected for comparison.  For example:


Pair [2-3] - 33 Block(s) diff  286 : 395 Line(s) diff


would indicate that the active pair of files (of the three files open for comparison) is Frame 2 and Frame 3 and that there are 33 blocks where differences have been detected between the compared files and that the file in Frame 2 contains 286 lines of text in these differenced blocks and the file in Frame 3 contains 395 lines in these differenced blocks.  

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