The world's best text editor for 20 years (and counting).

2+ million users and many Fortune 100/500/1000 enterprise customers can't be wrong.

UltraEdit is the multi-purpose text editor that loves multi-gigabyte files.

With 20 years under our belt, more than 2,000,000 active customers and a healthy chunk of the Fortune 500, this isn't just the most powerful text editor there is. It's legendary.

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Better together – Meet the bundle.

The UltraEdit & UltraCompare Bundle is our most popular multi-product configuration. That's because they work beautifully together. In fact, every product in our portfolio is designed to work seamlessly with one another where it makes sense.
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All together now. All Access.


IDM All Access is our subscription service that delivers every product in our portfolio and keeps them up to date for as long as the subscription is active. At a nearly 80% savings over retail, it's our best value yet. All for only $99.99 a year.

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Working with a team? Managing your project with version control? UEStudio combines the power of UltraEdit with additional functionality that developers will love.

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Compare files and folders anywhere on your local machine. Load and compare a file from an FTP connection. Easily merge differences, sync folders and find duplicates.

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Find anything. UltraFinder is your personal search engine for any PC, networked machine and remote server. It's the quick, lightweight search utility you wish had shipped with your PC.

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Military-grade data security is just a click away — securely delete or encrypt any file on your PC. UltraSentry helps you protect your sensitive data, even from the leading digital forensic tools and techniques.

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