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UEStudio latest changes

The list below contains the latest new and enhanced features for UEStudio. For a more thorough look at what has been added, take the tour of the new version.

The most up-to-date version is 16.00, released on 2016-03-30.

UEStudio v16.00 Changes (2015-03-30)

  • New UI featuring ribbon and classic toolbar/menu mode
  • Ribbon mode
    • Menu commands organized in logical groups for quicker access
    • Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) in application title bar
    • Access commands via ribbon accelerators (Alt)
    • Minimize / hide ribbon
    • Optional Compact Mode for consolidating vertical space
    • Customize ribbon and QAT with your own ribbon tabs and/or groups
  • Toolbar / menu mode
    • Provides classic menu and toolbar interface as with previous versions
    • Create and customize toolbars
  • Updated and modernized icons throughout application
  • Full support for UHD / 4k+ displays
  • New multi-caret feature: Select next occurrence (Ctrl + ;)
  • Improved startup speed
  • Python script features
    • Run Python script
    • Run Pylint to check syntax
  • Column Mode toggle button/indicator in status bar
  • Addressed issues with duplicate paths in Find/Replace in Files search history
  • Addressed minor Git issues
  • Restored ability to drag-and-drop tab for split view of files
  • Addressed issue with C/C++ filter for spell checker
  • Other minor fixes and improvements