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UEStudio latest changes

The current version is 14.30, released on 2014-07-31.

UEStudio v14.30 Changes (2014-07-30)

  • Column mode editing / drag 'n drop
  • Quick column mode
  • Hide / show lines and code folding
  • Folding for block comments in HTML
  • Scripted find / replace
  • Perl regular expression find/replace
  • Find in files with customized output format
  • Shebang detection for syntax highlighting
  • Compare files (UC Lite)
  • Mixed line terminator handling
  • Open file under caret via context menu
  • Word wrap
  • Undo/redo
  • Hex mode
  • Themes and user interface
  • Menu access via key accelerators
  • OEM and special character input
  • File and selection sort
  • CSS color tooltips
  • Project and workspace reload
  • Status bar
  • ASCII Table font
  • FTP connectivity and transfer issues
  • Scrolling via mouse wheel in FTP dialogs
  • Split window editing
  • Scrolling in large files
  • Stability and performance
  • And more...

UEStudio v14.20 Changes (2014-05-01)

  • Dockable Find and Replace dialog
    • Includes Find, Replace, Find in Files and Replace in Files
    • Themed dialogs for a more unified look and feel
  • Cut/Copy/Paste support for multiple carets/selections
  • Themed FTP Open, Save, and Accounts dialogs
  • Various other minor enhancements and improvements

UltraEdit v14.10 Changes (2014-02-27)

  • Quick Find (similar to search in web browsers)
    • Press Ctrl + F and type search string to quickly jump to next occurrence and highlight all matches
    • Press Ctrl + F a second time to open regular Find dialog
    • Press Enter to move to next match or Ctrl + Enter to move to previous match
    • Input turns red when no matches are found
    • Includes next / previous buttons and "..." button to expand to regular Find dialog
    • Supersedes and replaces incremental search
  • Multi-caret editing and multi-selection
    • Use Ctrl + click to set multiple carets for editing in multple locations at once
    • Use Ctrl + double click or Ctrl + Click n' drag to make multiple non-contiguous selections for editing
    • Press Ctrl + Alt + Z to remove last set caret/selection
    • Ctrl + click on caret or selection to remove it from set
    • Select several contiguous lines, then Ctrl + Click beyond line end for quick end-of-line carets
  • Reimagined multi-pane FTP browser
    • Split file view for both local and remote pane
    • Drag-n-drop or press Enter to download / upload files
    • New buttons, icons, and colors to match your theme
    • Greatly improved and color-coded logging of transfers
    • Various internal improvements for better performance
  • Theming improvements
    • Custom scrollbars to match your theme
    • Input fields and other form elements now fully match your theme
    • Various other tweaks and adjustments for greater theme control
  • FTP transfers shown in output window
    • New "FTP Transfers" tab in output window
    • Reports color-coded transfer status for remote files opened via Explorer view or via reload/recent files
  • Separate menu items for inserting Java and C# classes
  • Various maintenance items and other minor improvements

UEStudio v14.00 Changes (2013-11-01)

  • Editor Themes
    • Manage Themes dialog for creating and modifying themes:
      • Skin the entire application (dockable panes, menus, toolbars, file tabs, status bar, etc.)
      • Set editor colors
      • Set syntax highlighting colors
    • Switch themes with a single click
    • Use one of several pre-defined themes or create your own
    • When adding a new language for syntax highlighting, UEStudio will automatically pick up your theme's default colors for the new language
    • Import, export, and share your themes with others
  • Greatly improved file handling performance (100s of MB to 10+ GB)
    • File parsing percentage shown in status bar
    • Extremely faster navigation and editing
    • Significantly smoother scrolling
  • CSS color tooltips
    • Hover over CSS color definition to see color preview
    • Ctrl + Click on preview swatch to select and insert a new color into file
    • Supported color formats:
      • Hex RGB
      • Functional notation RGB
      • RGBA
      • HSL
      • HSLA
    • Supported file types:
      • HTML
      • CSS
      • Javascript
      • PHP
      • Perl
      • Python
      • Ruby
  • Artistic Style improvements
    • Updated to v2.03
    • Support for external configuration files
    • Redesigned A-Style dialog for new options and features
  • Chrome style file tabs
  • CSS3 syntax highlighting support
  • Various other minor enhancements and improvements

UEStudio v13.10 Changes (2013-06-25)

  • Leap forward in function list support with much improved functions and parameters
    • Groups and subgroups fully support Perl regex
    • More robust and precise function strings
  • Version backup support for FTP files*
    • "On FTP Save" added to Configuration -> File Handling -> Backup
    • "Default FTP backup directory" added to Configuration -> File Handling -> Backup
    • Existing auto-save options moved to Configuration -> File Handling -> Save
  • Expanded auto-complete functionality
    • Optionally show case sensitive matches first or exclusively
    • Fully typed words are omitted from auto-complete dialog
    • Auto-complete dialog automatically hides if the only match is typed
  • Full Jump List support
    • "Pinned" and "Recent" items now listed in UEStudio Jump List
    • Accessible with right-click on taskbar icon
  • UltraSentry integration
    • Send active file to File Shredder queue
    • Run shredder directly from UEStudio
    • Send active file to Digital Locker
    • Open files from Digital Locker
  • Greatly improved project conversion support for Visual Studio 2008 and 2010
  • UltraFinder integration: "Find files" or "Find duplicates" in active file's directory
  • UEStudio now appears in Explorer's "Open with" context menu for plain text file formats
  • Quickly toggle dockable file tabs with new Window menu option "Enable tiling / Dockable tabs"
  • Much improved HTML/XML tag highlighting when tag spans multiple lines
  • Improvements for Reindent Selection
  • Various other minor enhancements and improvements
  • New "Simplistic" environment for simple, minimalistic editor layout

UEStudio v13.00 Changes (2013-05-02)

  • Significant performance gains in several areas
    • Reloading of files on startup
    • Loading/opening large numbers of files (with temp files)
    • Loading very large files
    • Switching between file tabs
    • Perl regular expressions
    • Undo in larger files
  • Copy/Paste syntax highlighting in RTF and HTML
    • Available under Edit -> Copy Special
    • Paste text with HTML/CSS markup to render highlighting within a browser
    • Paste syntax colored text into other RTF editors (like MS Word)
  • Automatic highlighting of file types without extension
    • Perl via shebang (ex: #!/bin/perl)
    • PHP via shebang (ex: #!/bin/php)
    • Python via shebang (ex: #!/bin/python)
    • XML via declaration (ex: )
  • New status bar
    • Encoding selector
      • Changes encoding used to view active file
      • Will not change file's original encoding
    • Syntax highlighting selector
    • Read-only toggle
    • Insert/Overstrike toggle
    • Separate areas for line terminator and file encoding properties
    • Better display
  • Perl regular expression overhaul
    • Performance
      • Searching in large files
      • Find In Files
    • Accuracy
      • Several Perl regexp issues addressed
      • Full support for negative look-ahead/look-behind searches
  • File tab drag-and-drop improvements
    • Drag file tab outside of UEStudio to open it in new instance
    • File's settings retained when dragging and dropping between instances
  • File View improvements
    • Modernized icons
    • Optionally show hidden files
  • Option to add close X to each file tab
  • Improved support for 'Maintain separate process for each file opened from external applications
  • Several improvements for IntelliTips auto-complete
  • Various other minor enhancements and improvements

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