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UEStudio 15.1 released

Save time with the all-new Document Map — visually scroll through your file and click where you want to go!

Who knows your code better than...you? You spend hours each day with it — sifting it, shaping it, finessing it — until it becomes a final product; the work of art you envisioned.

The Document Map's aim is to allows you to capitalize on that familiarity. Losing your place in a file can be jarring and disruptive, especially when your code is flowing. By giving you a "bird's eye view" of your file, a quick glance at the Document Map is all it takes to regain your context or find where you need to be. Again, you know your code...the Document Map simply allows you to see more of it.

For navigation purposes, the Document Map allows you to nimbly maneuver between different areas of your code or text with efficiency and speed that scroll bars can only dream of providing. A simple click in the Document Map repositions you in your file. But it's not just beneficial for navigation: the Document Map also provides a bird's eye view of your bookmarks, code blocks and folding, active line, and even changed line indicators.

What's so great about the Document Map?

  • See a "filmstrip" view of your current file for visual context
  • Quickly jump to a different section of your code not currently in view
  • See your bookmarks, code folding, active line, and line change indicator
  • Reposition caret on click

You can toggle the Document Map's visibility via View -> Views/Lists -> Document Map, or by clicking its icon in the main toolbar.

The Zoom In / Out option in the Document Map's context menu allow you to adjust the zoom level to see more or less of your file.

You can also set the Document Map to reposition your caret when repositioning your view.

Also new in v15.1: Vertically split window

UEStudio's ability to split the edit window horizontally has long been a staple of its core editing functionality...now you can split the window vertically as well!

To take advantage of this functionality, go to Window -> Split Window Vertically or assign a key mapping to the new WindowVerticalSplitWindow command. (You can also click and drag the vertical window splitter if the Document Map is not in veiw.)

Screenshot of vertically split window

Screenshot of vertically split window

Combine horizontal and vertical split for a 4-way view

Want even more views into your file? Used in conjunction with a horizontally split window, you can see 4 views of a single file at once, as shown here.

Scroll each window independently with your mouse's scroll wheel, or with your keyboard's arrow keys and Page Up / Page Down.

New in v15.1: Recently Closed Files list

Ever accidentally close the wrong file in a sea of file tabs? Ugh...frustrating! With v15.1, you can now quickly reopen files you just closed with the new Recently Closed Files list in the File menu (just beneath the Recently Opened Files list). This list will contain the same number of entries set for recently opened files in Advanced -> Configuration -> Toolbars / Menus -> Miscellaneous.

New in v15.1: Cut / copy bookmarked lines

Do more with your bookmarks! Cut or copy them directly from the Bookmark Viewer or via the Search -> Bookmarks submenu. Key mapping commands are also available for even quicker access to this functionality (see latest changes page for specific key mapping labels).

New in v15.1: Trim Leading Spaces

Quickly eliminate all leading whitespace in your file with the new Trim Leading Spaces command in the Format menu. A real time saver when you need it!

See the full list of changes in UEStudio v15.1