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UEStudio v15.20 now available

More. Better.

UEStudio v15.20 delivers 70+ maintenance enhancements for the v15 series,

What's new

Smarter indentation of auto-completed XML and HTML tags

UEStudio's intelligent tag completion just got an upgrade. Now it takes even fewer keystrokes to get where you need to be.

Simply create your opening tag, and hit Enter after UEStudio creates your closing tag. UEStudio will automatically reposition and reindent the closing HTML or XML tag on a separate line.

Convert Quick Find to multi-select

With v15.20, we've added another great way to select and edit exactly what you need. After performing a Quick Find (Ctrl+F), press Ctrl + , (comma). UEStudio will automatically convert all matched strings to selections. Now you can begin typing to update all matched strings at once.

Highlight all shown in the Document Map

Want to see search highlighting or highlighting of selected text right in the Document Map? It's automatic in v15.20!

What's Better

UEStudio v15.20 also delivers a number of fixes and enhancements:

  • Highlight All Selected now uses entire selection (instead of just word under caret)
  • Enhanced ues_ctags.exe for parsing Xbase++ files with multi-line functions correctly
  • Performance improvements for multi-caret editing with many selections/carets
  • Document Map improvements with column mode, selecting, changing syntax highlighting, etc.
  • Git Branch Manager improvements with "New branch" button and theme colors
  • Added support for Select All in "Edit Macro" dialog
  • Addressed split window issues
  • Addressed issues with Revert to Saved after manually changing file encoding
  • Addressed issue with Wrap after column #, insert CR/LF

See the full list of changes in UEStudio v15.20