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64-bit UEStudio has arrived.
And trust us.
It shreds.

If you've used UEStudio's large file editing capabilities in the past, you already know it wasn't messing around. Well, v15.30 is what the next level looks like. It's now available in truly native 64-bit, and it's a difference you can feel. You should notice substantial performance gains in startup, file load and overall functionality.

64-bit UEStudio is a more performant UEStudio. Just ask our beta users:

The find and replace for a 3 million row file where I changed every row was TONS faster with 64-bit!

Opened a 3.97GB file… Searches take less than a minute, file contains 24,297,942 lines…

So many thanks for speeding up the launch.

…great FAST install…

I'm sure it took someone hours of bleeding eyes to make that work properly. Thanks again for a great product!

I open and close this app probably (no joke) 100+ times a day, and the insta-launch is seriously a relief.

Running through 3 GB text find and replace much faster, have waited so long for this!

Are you eligible for a free upgrade? Get v15.30 now by going to Help -> Check for Updates.