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UEStudio v14.30: Nothing new. Everything better!

To say UEStudio has undergone a transformation over the past year would be an understatement. Starting last November, UEStudio's GUI was revolutionized in v14 via themes. The release of v14.10 only months later included groundbreaking new functionality in quick find and multi-caret editing and expanded theme support. The follow-up release of v14.20 earlier this year topped off UEStudio's transformation with themed dockable find / replace dialogs and even further enhancements to multi-caret editing and themes.

While the previous three releases have culminated in a transformation of UEStudio through innovation, the release of v14.30 represents our commitment to quality and performance. With over 165 improvements and fixes to existing functionality and no new features, and an updated and improved UC Lite, v14.30 is not just a maintenance release... it's the polish we're known for!

UEStudio v14.30 includes over 165 improvements to the following:

  • Column mode editing / drag 'n drop
  • Quick column mode
  • Hide / show lines and code folding
  • Folding for block comments in HTML
  • Scripted find / replace
  • Perl regular expression find/replace
  • Find in files with customized output format
  • Shebang detection for syntax highlighting
  • Compare files (UC Lite)
  • Mixed line terminator handling
  • Open file under caret via context menu
  • Word wrap
  • Undo/redo
  • Hex mode
  • Themes and user interface
  • Menu access via key accelerators
  • OEM and special character input
  • File and selection sort
  • CSS color tooltips
  • Project and workspace reload
  • Status bar
  • ASCII Table font
  • FTP connectivity and transfer issues
  • Scrolling via mouse wheel in FTP dialogs
  • Split window editing
  • Scrolling in large files
  • Stability and performance
  • And more...

If you purchased UEStudio v14.00 or greater, your upgrade is free. Get v14.30 now by going to Help -> Check for Updates. If you've not upgraded to v14, now is the time!