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UEStudio integrated development environment tour: batch builder

The UEStudio tour is intended to guide you through some of the advanced IDE features of the application. UEStudio includes all of the features of UltraEdit, the world's best text editor, which are not covered here.

UEStudio tour: batch builder

The batch builder is a tool intended for LEAD programmers in companies or for those programmers that need to build projects only. This dialog also supports building multiple projects at the same time.

Batch build dialog in UEStudio

Using this tool users may create lists of projects that are in one "workspace" and build them in one step. For example if you create a project where you use your own libraries, you can create a list of projects like this: Lib1, Lib2, App1, App2, App3, etc. First the libraries will be created or updated and then the applications that depend on these libraries.

Projects may be added or removed from the list by pressing the add project or remove buttons . When a project is added to the list, the mode in which the application or library will be generated will be displayed in the build column. Any of the batch build commands (build, rebuild, clean, or stop) may be applied to the list of projects.

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