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UEStudio integrated development environment tour: output window

The UEStudio tour is intended to guide you through some of the advanced IDE features of the application. UEStudio includes all of the features of UltraEdit, the world's best text editor, which are not covered here.

UEStudio tour: output window

UEStudio supports a tabbed output window with four different tabs allowing output to be written and stored separately without overwriting the results of previously run functions.

The advantage of the tabbed output window is that multiple functions may be executed and the dynamically generated output of these functions may be stored separately for future reference (during the active editing session).

UEStudio's dockable output window

All output will be written to the active window. So clicking on tab "1" and running a find in files would write the results of the find in files command to the output window associated with tab "1". Clicking on tab "3" and building the active project would cause the STDOUT and STDERR output (depending on compiler settings) to be written to the output window associated with tab "3".

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