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UEStudio integrated development environment tour: project templates

The UEStudio tour is intended to guide you through some of the advanced IDE features of the application. UEStudio includes all of the features of UltraEdit, the world's best text editor, which are not covered here.

UEStudio tour: project templates

Seasoned programmers as well as beginners will enjoy the effortless way projects may be created using templates in UEStudio. If the create button in the project manager dialog is pressed and using templates is selected in the context menu, the new project dialog is presented where the desired compiler and template to be used for the new project may be selected.

Project template dialog in UEStuio

The templates supported for each compiler will be displayed in the new project dialog when a compiler is selected. The available options are as follows:

Template nameDescription
Windows App A Windows application is an executable application (.EXE) using calls to the Win32 API rather than to MFC classes. UEStudio will create workspace and project files for your program, that you then add your own code to.
Console App Console applications are developed with Console API functions, which provide character-mode support in console windows. UEStudio will create workspace and project files for your program that you then add your own elements to.
Dialog App Dialog applications are based on a dialog window. These are the same as in Visual Studio wizards.
Dynamic Link Library A Dynamic Link Library is a binary file (using calls to the Win32 API rather than to MFC classes), that acts as a shared library of functions that can be used simultaneously by multiple applications. UEStudio will create workspace and project files for your program that you then add your own code to.
Static Library A Static Library is a file containing objects and their functions and data that is linked into your program when the executable file is built. You can link a static library to an MFC-based program or to a non-MFC program for Windows written in C or C++, that makes calls to the Win32 API rather than to MFC classes.
User-Defined Project When you create an empty project (or User-Defined Template), no files are added to the project. The empty project does not generate any predetermined output files, such as a .LIB, .DLL or .EXE. An empty project can be used as a container for files you can build without a link step. You can use an empty project as a master project for your subprojects and an empty project can export a MAKEFILE.

To create a new project, select the desired compiler, next select the type of template you want to use to create a project with and type the name of this project in the project name field . Don't forget to set the location of the project by typing it or press the browse button and select it.

It is recommended you set a location when you run project templates the first time and then use the same one always. This location is the "parent" directory of your projects, because UEStudio creates its own directory for a project with the same name as the project. Most of the templates automatically create a project and open in UEStudio but some templates will need some options set before a project will be created. One template is included for all compilers - user defined template.

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