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UltraEdit for Linux v15 series

The goal of the v15 series is to supply depth and polish to existing functionality while providing the new features you want to see. Version 15.0 exemplifies this by adding multi-caret editing and selection, column markers, and easier editing of privileged files, as well as many other enhancements and bug fixes.

What's changed in 15.1

  • Find/Replace improvements
    • Added keyboard shortcuts for Count all and Replace all
    • Addressed issues with Find in column in All Open Files
    • Addressed truncated text issues in search message boxes
    • Addressed issue with pasting formatted data into Find dialog
    • Addressed issue with List Lines Containing String only showing first occurrence in larger file
    • Addressed issue with "Replace With" text disappearing when switching to Replace in Files
    • Addressed minor display issues with Find/Replace dialogs
  • Macros
    • Stability improvements
    • Improved handling of macro hotkeys
    • Addressed issue with "Continue if search string not found" macro setting
    • Addressed issue with replace from macros
    • Addressed issue deleting/undeleting macros
  • File change detection
    • Addressed focus issue after updating changed file
    • Addressed cosmetic issues with File Change Detection prompt dialog
    • Addressed problems with file change detection when temp files are disabled
    • Addressed issue with detecting changed file permissions
  • Bookmarks
    • Addressed issue with bookmarked line content not fully showing in bookmark viewer
    • Addressed issue where bookmark markers don't show when file is re-opened
    • Addressed issue with bookmarked line numbers
  • Addressed issues when customizing toolbars
  • Addressed issue with Save As with BOM
  • Addressed minor project issues
  • Addressed focus issues when creating new files
  • Addressed issues with Next/Previous Window
  • Addressed key mapping issues
  • Addressed minor display/UI issues
  • Addressed file tab display and positioning issues
  • Addressed Toggle Browser View issue
  • Addressed issue with numeric sort
  • Addressed visibility issue with I-beam caret against dark backgrounds
  • Addressed issue with double-click in Function List creating new file
  • Addressed typing issues in dialogs on some versions of Ubuntu
  • Improvements for interacting with File View
  • Various other minor improvements and enhancements

What's changed in 15.0

Multi-caret editing


Edit multiple locations at once. Cut, copy, and paste are fully supported. Use Cmd + Click to create a new caret or Cmd + Click & Drag to create a new selection.

Column markers

Column markers

Set up and enable column marker groups in the View menu. You can also set UE to not scroll to the left of your first column marker  useful for viewing rows of text records.

Prompt for privileges

Prompt for privileges

Modifying system files in UE is easy now! When UE detects that root or elevated privileges are required to modify a file, it will prompt you for your password.

See a list of all changes in the latest release