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Compare three files with UltraCompare Professional


UltraCompare Professional completes your text editing solution. It's loaded with features to enable you to easily compare, track and merge differences between text files and folders. UltraCompare Professional is fully integrated with UltraEdit and UEStudio to enable a seamless unified editing solution. Together, UltraEdit and UltraCompare Professional provide an unrivaled text editing solution.

Two Way
Text Compare
Three Way
Text Compare

Two Way
Three Way
Two Way Text Compare provides text comparison in two files in text or binary (fast or smart) modes. Includes relational line modes, merge capabilities, and the option to save your results.
Two Way Folder Compare allows you to compare two directories with the option to recursively compare all contained subdirectories with full merge capabilities.
Three Way Folder Compare allows you to compare three directories with the option to recursively compare all contained subdirectories with full merge capabilities.
Folder Synchronization, similar to folder mode, allows you to choose two folders and sync up the differences between them based on any number of sync rules. You can optionally override the sync action for specific files as well.
Find Duplicates allows you to select any number of folders which are then scanned by UltraCompare to locate all duplicate files among them, based on criteria you provide. You can then choose which duplicates to remove from which folders.
Web Compare allows you download files from the web by typing them into the UltraCompare address bar. You can also download files via FTP/SFTP, and preview your HTML directly in the compare frame.

Three Way Text Compare provides text comparison between three files in text or binary (fast or smart) modes. Includes relational line modes, merge capabilities, and the option to save results.

Compare three text files

Text Compare Features

Difference Navigation

Navigate quickly between compare differences by clicking on the "go to next difference" and "go to previous difference", and use "go to next/prev difference characters" to jump to difference characters within a difference block. This navigation tool will prove to be indispensible in your daily use of text compare.

Merge Differences with the Merge Toolbar

The powerful merge options allow you to merge selected content before or after the current block, accept all/merge all changes, and even perform line/word level merges.

Full Control Authority Over Compare Execution

Have you ever started comparing a large directory structure only to realize you mis-configured the desired options? What did you do... Force quit? When you're working with large directory structures, you need to have full control over the execution of the compare. UltraCompare's execution controls put you in control. Prepare your compare, click "play" to start... Need to stop entirely? Simply click stop to halt the comparison process altogether.

Relational Lines Mode

A powerful visual effect to help you see, at a glance, where your corresponding difference blocks are located in each file compare pane. Relational lines can be toggled on/off in the view menu.

Manually Re-sync Lines

Sometimes your files are structured in such a way that you need to manually match similar lines. UltraCompare allows you to manually sync two lines and continue the compare from this location.

Inspect Differences in the Active Line Compare Frame

For lines that extend beyond the view frame, use the active line compare frame to isolate lines and clearly see the character differences. You will find this feature especially useful for comparing long lines. You can also use the additional frames to edit the text inline then merge your changes.

Edit Files in the Compare Panes

UltraCompare provides you with the ability to edit text directly in the compare frames.

UltraEdit/UEStudio Integration

UltraCompare works hand in hand with UltraEdit and UEStudio . Easily jump into UltraEdit/UEStudio for modifications and back to UltraCompare for further text compares with the click of a button.

Show File in Browser

Open your files in the default application with a click of a button. This is a convenient feature when you need to preview your compare and merge changes before saving the files. Visually compare HTML code! Display your HTML files as they would appear in the web browser, instead of just HTML code.

Easily Switch Compare Views

Toggle easily between comparison view types (all, different, matching) by clicking on the All, Just Differences, and Just Matching icons.

Comparison View Pane

The compare pane denotes differences using the light blue shading. You may customize the colors that UltraCompare uses to distinguish differences. Individual character differences are also displayed with user-definable colors. The active line is highlighed as a separate color to distinguish the line you have selected. UltraCompare can also be configured to wrap long lines in the view pane.

Differences Map - Graphical Navigation

The differences map on the left of the compare frame displays a visual representation of differences within the text compare or file compare. Quickly navigate to compare differences in the file by clicking in the area you want to view.

Change Text Compare Modes on the Fly

Switch between all compare types: text compare, binary compare, and folder compare - from the main toolbar.

Tile Preference

View comparison results tiled either horizontally or vertically depending on your preference.

Display Type

Choose the display type you would like the file to be viewed as. Choose between ANSI, Unicode, Mac, and more. Note: this does not convert the file, only the format in which it is displayed.

Quickly Compare Copied/Pasted Text - Text Snippets

Compare text snippets - copy/paste snippets of text to two empty compare fields and perform compare/merge operations. You can also save your changes with the "Save As..." dialog and use the clear button to clear the snippets (the temp file is deleted).

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Additional Compare Features

Multi-task with Tabbed Sessions

Sessions are your way of working with multiple compares regardless of mode - all within one application. The tabbed interface allows you to easily toggle between multiple sessions. Double-clicking a file/folder in folder mode will open a new session within the same instance of UltraCompare.

Workspace Manager

The workspace manager allows you to access your files/folders from within the application. With its drag-and-drop functionality, you can locate the file(s) or folder(s) you wish to compare, drag them to the compare frame, then run your compare. The workspace manager also includes the session list for accessing and executing your saved sessions.

Session Manager

The session manager (located in the workspace manager) provides you with a list of all of your saved sessions and recent compare sessions. Right-click anywhere in the session manager to add the active session. Or, need to organize different types of sessions? Simply add a new session group. Last but not least, you can also right-click an existing session to rename, delete, or edit its properties.

Session Properties dialog

For your existing sessions, the session properties dialog gives you a way of accessing and changing your settings. The session properties dialog includes settings for two and three-way file and folder compare modes as well as binary compare modes. You can use the session properties dialog to set the paths of the compare (both local and FTP/SFTP), ignore options, column compare, display settings, and so much more.

Word Document/RTF File Compare

Compare Word Documents/RTF files in UltraCompare. This is a fantastic feature for any UltraCompare user. Version 6.00a includes support for DocX files.

Compare Online Files with Web Compare

If you work with web files, you are probably accustomed to downloading the file via FTP or viewing the source, saving the text, then doing a compare. The all new web compare alleviates the extra steps and imports the contents of the web file for a quick and easy compare.

FTP/SFTP File and Folder Compare

Access your files and folders located on a remote server! Use UltraCompare to execute a folder comparison and sync your local and remote directories. You can even use it to create a local backup of your website. Visit our FTP directory compare power tip to set this up in UltraCompare Professional.

Shell Integration

Shell integration allows you to use UltraCompare in the right-click context menu, in explorer, on the files/folders you want to compare. Simly select the files/folders and then launch UltraCompare... all from within Windows explorer.


UltraCompare also gives you compare reporting/output capabilities. Configure compare output to print and save differences in context, differences of one file only, and side by side comparison.

File Change Detection

Enable automatic file change detection and UltraCompare will notify you that the files you are comparing/merging have changed "underneath" you.

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