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UC 14: Meet the all new UltraCompare!

We are proud to announce the release of UltraCompare 14.00 which includes some truly monumental changes and improvements. For those of you already using UltraCompare, get ready to change the way you manage change! For those of you not yet using UltraCompare, what are you waiting for? Get UltraCompare today (existing user discount available here)!

Check out what's new in UC v14.00 in our video below:

New: Themes

Color and style management has never been easier with all-new themes in UltraCompare 14.00! Use one of the predefined themes to complement your favorite UltraEdit theme, create your own custom theme, or stick with Classic to maintain the colors and styles you're used to. You can switch themes in a snap via the View -> Themes sub-menu. You can manage and modify themes in the new Theme Manager (View -> Themes -> Manage Themes).

Screenshot of themes in UltraCompare 14.00

New: Dockable Legends and Filters dialog

Don't hassle with menu options and session properties to filter your compare — use the new interactive Legends and Filters dialog instead! This dockable pane provides a quick reference of difference colors and symbols and also provides quick and easy access to all available compare filters.

Screenshot of new dockable legends and filters dialog in UltraCompare 14.00

New: Sync folders...directly from folder mode!

We've combined the Folder Sync mode and regular Folder compare mode for a unified folder compare experience. Compare your folders, and when you're ready, simply check the "Sync Folders" option at the bottom of the compare frame, set your sync rules, and click "Start Sync"! Let UltraCompare do the rest.

Screenshot of folder sync changes in UltraCompare 14.00

All this, plus several other enhancements and improvements...

Check out the full list of what's new and improved in v14.00 here!