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64-bit UltraCompare is here.
And trust us.
It shreds.

If you've used UltraCompare in the past, you're already familiar with its deep, powerful feature set and performance. Well, v15.20 is what the next level looks like. It's now available in truly native 64-bit, and it's a difference you can feel. You should notice substantial performance gains across the entire product.

This release also adds Brazilian Portuguese.

64-bit UltraCompare is a more performant UltraCompare. Get it now!

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UltraCompare 15.1 released
Get to your compare faster with improved explorer integration!

Comparing files and folders straight out of Windows explorer just got easier with completely re-engineered Windows explorer integration in v15.1. Fire off a compare of selected items in a single click, or review and set compare targets before launching. UltraCompare's context menu functionality in v15.1 hasn't just been enhanced – it's been completely re-thought for maximum usability and efficiency.

Other additions to UltraCompare v15.1 include a split explorer pane, improved internal algorithms for matching up text in text compare, and a hefty installment of maintenance. Read on below...

New in v15.1: Re-engineered shell integration

UltraCompare's explorer integration now includes 2 modes: basic and advanced. Both modes are available within the context menu and are not mutually exclusive.

Screenshot of explorer integration in UC 15.1

Basic explorer integration allows you to select up to 3 files or folders, right-click, and fire off a compare. It's that simple. No frills, no bells, no whistles — this option is provided to get you from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

Advanced explorer integration allows you to manually specify which files or folders are loaded into which compare frames. This is useful if your items to be compared are in different folders, or if you need to select one item for compare now and another later. Although we call it "Advanced", it's incredibly simple to use: just right-click the item you want to queue for compare, go to Manually select items and then choose your desired compare frame. Once all compare targets are loaded, click one of the options to Compare as Text or Binary.

Screenshot of explorer integration in UC 15.1The auto-select functionality for advanced explorer integration is better as well. With this option enabled in Options -> Configuration -> Shell Integration, UltraCompare automatically loads your queue with selected items, ignoring items that are already queued. Items are added in a first-in, first-out order so that older items are pushed out of the list to make room for those more recently clicked.

New in v15.1: Split explorer pane

UltraCompare now shares the same split explorer pane interface as UltraEdit and UEStudio. You can sort the files and folders in the lower pane by name, date, type, or size.

The split explorer pane is optional; use the toggle icon at the top right to enable or disable it. You can also create and load file extension groups for filtering the file listing.

Screenshot of split explorer pane in UC 15.1

Better in v15.1

  • Text compare improvements:
    • Enhanced logic and internal algorithms for more accurate matching of text within comparisons
    • Save icon state now reflects whether there are any changes in the file
    • Addressed display and handling of inline text editing
    • Addressed visual and positioning issues related to merge
    • Addressed issues with Active Line Window
    • Addressed issues with Ignore Column Range
  • Folder compare improvements:
    • Progressive folder compare (interact with compare panes while compare is still running)
    • Subdirectories no longer scanned for faster non-recursive folder compares
    • Improved handling of timestamps from USB drives
    • Improved handling of large files in folder compare mode
    • Addressed issue with filter options not being saved with new session
    • Addressed issue with "-ne" command line switch with basic folder compare
    • Addressed issue duplicate file names when sorting file listings by date
    • Addressed issue with folder sync actions resetting after collapsing or expanding subfolders
  • Binary compare improvements:
    • Improvements for searching for hex bytes
    • Improved stability

    • UltraCompare 15.0 now available

      We've taken a substantial amount of time diving deep into the UltraCompare functionality you use most – retooling, improving, and polishing for the most reliable version of UltraCompare yet! From text compare to session management, this release includes a large number of usability improvements and maintenance items to make your workflow in UltraCompare even smoother.

      What's new in UltraCompare v15.0:

      • Folder mode file filter added to toolbar for quicker access
      • Automatic detection and correction of mixed line terminators
      • Folder mode improvements:
        • Improvements for marking/hiding files in folder compare
        • Improvements for folder compares including PDFs and Word documents
        • Enhancements and improvements for remote/FTP folder compare
        • Added support for "Ignore timestamp differences" in full folder compare mode
        • Improved folder sync between SATA and USB drives
        • Addressed sort issue with orphan files in folder compare
        • Addressed issue where folder root can't be expanded after collapsing
        • Addressed context menu issues
        • Addressed other minor issues
      • Text mode improvements:
        • Performance boost: much faster text compares
        • Improved handling of very large files
        • Improved alignment of text in 3-way text compare
        • Support for line terminator conversion on merge/save
        • Added "On merge convert line endings to destination type" session property
        • "Ignore line terminators" is now a default text compare session property
        • Improvements to saving merged changes
        • Improvements to difference map
        • Addressed issue with saving merge changes to .docx file
        • Other minor text compare improvements
      • Other miscellaneous improvements:
        • Improved virtual memory handling for binary compares
        • Added support for CTRL and SHIFT key mappings with TAB
        • Improvements for "Save Active Session" from Session pane
        • Addressed issue where settings modified in active session are not saved with "Save Active Session"
        • Addressed issue where new session cannot be saved anymore with command "Save Active Session"
        • Addressed issue with fast binary compare invoked via shell integration not showing summary information in status bar
        • Other minor issues addressed

      UC 14: Meet the all new UltraCompare!

      We are proud to announce the release of UltraCompare 14.00 which includes some truly monumental changes and improvements. For those of you already using UltraCompare, get ready to change the way you manage change! For those of you not yet using UltraCompare, what are you waiting for? Get UltraCompare today (existing user discount available here)!

      Check out what's new in UC v14.00 in our video below:

      New: Themes

      Color and style management has never been easier with all-new themes in UltraCompare 14.00! Use one of the predefined themes to complement your favorite UltraEdit theme, create your own custom theme, or stick with Classic to maintain the colors and styles you're used to. You can switch themes in a snap via the View -> Themes sub-menu. You can manage and modify themes in the new Theme Manager (View -> Themes -> Manage Themes).

      Screenshot of themes in UltraCompare 14.00

      New: Dockable Legends and Filters dialog

      Don't hassle with menu options and session properties to filter your compare — use the new interactive Legends and Filters dialog instead! This dockable pane provides a quick reference of difference colors and symbols and also provides quick and easy access to all available compare filters.

      Screenshot of new dockable legends and filters dialog in UltraCompare 14.00

      New: Sync folders...directly from folder mode!

      We've combined the Folder Sync mode and regular Folder compare mode for a unified folder compare experience. Compare your folders, and when you're ready, simply check the "Sync Folders" option at the bottom of the compare frame, set your sync rules, and click "Start Sync"! Let UltraCompare do the rest.

      Screenshot of folder sync changes in UltraCompare 14.00

      All this, plus several other enhancements and improvements...

      Full list of latest changes