Binary file compare with UltraCompare Professional

Need to compare binary files? Look no further! In addition to standard file compare and folder compare, UltraCompare provides 2 and 3-way binary compare support - and a smart and fast binary compare mode. UltraCompare is incredibly fast and incredibly easy and will show you byte-by-byte differences between your binary files.

screenshot of binary file compare

Download UltraCompare Professional today and get started comparing your binary files!

To compare your files in UltraCompare, enable binary mode by going to the Mode menu and selecting either "Binary (Fast)" or "Binary (Smart)". A fast binary compare will do a quick and basic byte-to-byte compare, while a smart binary compare will attempt to identify matching blocks of bytes and offsets, even if they are offset by inserted/deleted bytes and don't match in a byte-to-byte comparison.

Use the File -> Open First and File -> Open Second commands to load both of your binary files into UltraCompare. Once you have loaded the two files you want, click the green "Play" button to invoke the compare. In each compare frame, you will see a hex data representation of your two binary files. Differences are highlighted in red with a blue background.

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