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UltraCompare Professional is a windows file compare utility - compare two or three text files, compare binary files, or compare and merge source code files. To use UltraCompare to compare files, go to the Mode menu and select Text mode. This mode allows you to compare the text content of files. (You can also compare text without opening actual files.)

two-way file compare

To launch the compare of two files, go to File -> Open First, then browse to and select the first file in Windows that you would like to compare. Do the same for the second file by going to File -> Open Second. Once both files have been chosen, you should see the file paths in the two address bars directly above the compare frames. Finally, click the green "Play" button between the two to launch the compare of the two files.

Download UltraCompare Professional file compare utility

The compare will launch, and you will see the text of the two files as well as the differences between the two files. Text that is different will be highlighted in red with a blue background, and text that is the same will display normally - black text on a white background.

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