Compare folders with UltraCompare

UltraCompare Professional is a Microsoft Windows compare utility that you can use to compare two or three folders side by side. Whether you need to compare folders on a local or network drive, or if you need to compare folders from an FTP server...the powerful folder compare mode allows you to quickly and easily see files and subfolders that are different between two directories. You can compare folders recursively as well, allowing you to check differences through as many levels of folders as needed.

Compare folders in UltraCompare

To open a folder compare, go to the Mode menu and select "Folder Mode". You can now choose the two folders you wish to compare by selecting "Open First" and "Open Second" from the File menu. You can use the Windows browse dialog to select and highlight a folder, then press OK, and you will see the selected folder's full path in the address bar above the compare frame.

Download UltraCompare Professional folder compare utility

To display the folder compare, click the green "Play" button. You will see a tree-style listing of all of the files and subfolders that exist in the two folders you have chosen. You can now easily compare folders or files that are different or that exist in one folder but not the other. To learn more about the folder compare difference highlighting colors and symbols, click the "Folder Compare Symbols" button in the folder mode toolbar.

You can also quickly see only files that are different or only files that are the same between the folders. Additionally, you can configure the folder compare to ignore date and timestamp differences, or you can set a file extension filter to compare files between the two folders that only match the file extension(s) you provide.

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