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Do you have a large data text file that you need to compare, diff, and merge? Or perhaps you have two source code files - one is working and one isn't, and you need to simply paste in two text "snippets" for a quick difference check. UltraCompare is a very powerful and fast text compare utility that allows you to compare any snippet of text or any two text files of any size! Once the text compare is loaded, you will quickly see differences between your two text files.

screenshot showing text compare in UltraCompare

To find differences in text files with UltraCompare's text compare utility, go to File -> Open First and File -> Open Second menu options to browse and select your text files. Click the green "Play" button and the text compare launches.

If you want to quickly compare text snippets by copying and pasting in code from another source, you can do this too. Simply paste the source text into the blank compare windows while UltraCompare is in text mode. UltraCompare will automatically compare and diff the text you have pasted in.

Download UltraCompare Professional to start comparing text

If you need to diff text files but ignore certain parts of the text, such as whitespace, new lines, or letter case, you can do this with UltraCompare's text mode ignore options. You can access these in Options -> File Ignore Options.

You can compare and merge differences between your text files. There are several merge options under the Merge menu. "Line mode merge" allows you to merge text differences on a line-by-line basis. "Merge First to Second" and "Merge Second to First" allow you to merge differences back and forth between the two text files you are comparing. The "Advanced Merge" options provide the ability to merge text differences without overwriting the original text in the destination file.

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