Compare two Word documents for differences with UltraCompare Professional

Do you have two different Word documents that you need to compare for differences and track changes? In addition to doing a regular file compare, UltraCompare Professional allows you to compare the contents of two Word documents and see the differences. You can even merge differences between the two Word files you are comparing.

screenshot of a Word document compare in UltraCompare

Download UltraCompare Professional to compare two documents

To open and compare two Word documents, make sure you are in text compare mode, then go to File -> Open First and File -> Open Second. This will allow you to browse to and select the two Word files that you wish to compare.

Once you have selected both of the Word documents, you can now click the green "Play" button to invoke the compare. In each compare frame, you will see a text representation of your two Word documents, and any differences between the two Word documents will be highlighted. You can use the merge buttons in the splitter to merge these differences between the two files.

Once you are done merging differences, you can save your changes to both of the Word files by clicking the Save icon in the main toolbar.

UltraCompare Word document compare tutorial:

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