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Version 26.10 is the latest release of the 26.x series. You can also go directly to the change list.

UltraEdit v26: The power of UE at your fingertips

You're going to love the new command palette

Screenshot of command palette UltraEdit v26

Welcome to the all-new UltraEdit v26.

This release packs a potent one-two punch of power and performance, best exemplified in the all-new command palette. The command palette is an easily accessible search form that puts all the power of UltraEdit at your fingertips. Open it via Ctrl + Shift + P (or the icon at top right of the ribbon) and begin typing a keyword to see all matching commands and settings in UltraEdit, filtered in real time. You can scroll through the results then hit Enter to execute the one you want.

The command palette displays each result's associated keyboard shortcut, if available. Additionally, the Most-recently used list at the top makes it a breeze to recall those last used commands that you might not remember. The Favorites list allows you to keep your favorite commands pinned to the top.

Not sure what to search for? We've included internal search tags for commands so that you can see commands from a keyword search that might not have the keyword in the name – for example, "Live preview" will appear in the results when searching for "HTML". Additionally, you can search and play your custom macros, scripts, and user / project tools directly from the command palette.

Bottom line: the command palette empowers you to easily access and discover all of UltraEdit's power and flexibility!

I really like this new version of UltraEdit... You all have done a great job on UE v26, congratulations! I sure wish I had the experience to work on things like you all do – it is very cool, and for people like me, it is the single best tool I have to do my job.

- Jim W

JavaScript / CSS compressor and deminifier

Easily compress and decompress JavaScript and CSS...directly in UltraEdit! V26 includes several new JS and CSS tools to make minified code easily editable with a single click of the mouse. The Coding ribbon is reorganized to include a new JS/CSS drop down with these options. (Currently, compression of JavaScript and CSS removes unnecessary whitespace and comments, but future iterations may include variable simplification, conditional statement optimization, CSS restructuring, and beyond.) Additionally, we've added native JavaScript Lint integration so you can syntax check your JavaScript on the fly.

Re-engineered code folding

We've gone deep under the hood for this one, adding a unique and proprietary multiple-segmented edit control to facilitate code folding in huge source files – even files up to 500 MB! The previous limitations you may have encountered have simply been eliminated. Beyond that, we've improved and enhanced the accuracy, parsing, and performance of code folding – especially in larger files.

Macro performance overhaul

V26 includes some substantial fine-tuning and optimization for macro playback and performance. Beyond improving reliability of macros, especially those that loop to the end of file, we've also greatly improved playback speed. If you have macros that play over a large set of data, you should see significant improvements in the time it takes to run them. In many cases we've seen macro playback times decrease to a third – or more! – of the playback time in previous versions.

Highlight all occurrences of string on double-click

Ask and you shall can now enable automatic highlighting of all strings upon double-click, enabling you to see all occurrences of a variable or function in an instant. To enable this functionality, go to Advanced » Settings » Search » Advanced.

Context-sensitive hints

You might notice something new after you've had UltraEdit open for a few moments. We've added a context-sensitive, unobtrusive hints bar to the lower area of the application to help you level up your workflow. Have an XML file open? The hints bar might suggest a faster way for you to tidy up your XML code. Or it might give you a tip for a hidden feature you hadn't otherwise known about.

Modernized key mapping

We've updated a few key mappings as well as exposed one previously hard-coded key mapping.

  • You can now re-map Ctrl + Tab and Ctrl + Shift + Tab to enable browser-like tab switching
  • Replace in Files is re-mapped to Ctrl + Shift + R
  • Quick record macro is re-mapped to Ctrl + Shift + Q
  • ESC dismisses "Highlight all" highlighting
I have installed v26 and so far it works like a charm. I fell in love with command palette, so beta or not, I'm using it by default :) UltraEdit beta tester

UltraEdit v26.10 now available

Turbo-charged performance gains and leveled-up usability

screenshot of performance in UltraEdit v26.10

We hear from our users all the time – UltraEdit is the powerhorse editor that is used by many to open, read, and modify files of massive sizes that other editors simply cannot handle. The aim of the v26 series is to deliver groundbreaking new features and functionality, as you have come to expect, but to continue to maintain and increase performance and quality to unprecedented levels.

UltraEdit v26.10 is a step in that direction with some very noticeable performance optimizations throughout the editor. First and foremost, we've threaded Quick Find to make it extremely snappy and responsive and eliminating stuttering when searching huge files. You'll also notice improved and faster scrolling and typing, particularly with hidden lines / code folding. We've supercharged performance with undo, redo, word wrap, and general editing especially in large or syntax highlighted files.

Say hello to UltraEdit v26.10 – another step forward in our commitment to provide the absolute best in text editing. It's the latest release in the unprecedented v26 series that breaks new ground in both functionality and performance.

So what's new in v26.10?

  • Threaded Quick Find for greatly improved performance in large files
  • Faster scrolling and editing, especially in files with hidden lines
  • Better performance when word wrap is enabled
  • Faster undo / redo
  • Improved grouped undo
  • Eliminated flickering while typing
  • Faster scrolling with HTML / XML tag highlighting
  • Smoother scrolling with large files
  • Improvements for indent guidelines with large sections of code

Tour new releases

Version 26.10 is the latest release of the v26 series. Learn more here, or go directly to the change list.