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The all-new UltraEdit v21.10: Taking Find and Replace to the next level!

UltraEdit v21.10 builds upon the game-changing functionality introduced in v21.00. This release features a completely re-imagined tabbed and dockable Find/Replace dialog with a vastly improved interface and layout! We've also added full clipboard support for multi-caret and multi-select and expanded support for custom editor themes. Take a look below!

New: Tabbed and dockable Find and Replace dialogs

Switch between Find, Replace, Find in Files, and Replace in Files in a snap with the new tabbed and dockable Find and Replace dialogs. By making all dialogs conveniently accessible in a tabbed dockable pane, you can now flip from Find to Replace to Find in Files to Replace in Files and back again...while maintaining your search settings in a single modeless window!

Screenshot of dockable Find in v21.10

The new dockable Find can be anchored to either side of the main application window. It also now inherits your custom theme colors for a more holistic look and feel, and its layout has been reorganized and simplified for a more pleasant search experience.

Screenshot of dockable Find in v21.10

Of course, all tabs within the dockable Find dialog still support the keyboard accelerators you're accustomed to using – so you can access and modify the parameters of your search without reaching for your mouse.

New: Cut, copy, and paste for multiple selections

Multi-caret and multi-select are exponentially more powerful in v21.10, with full support for clipboard operations. Cut, copy, or paste non-contiguous lines or selections at once! Even better, UltraEdit will detect when the number of lines/selections on the active clipboard is equal to the number of carets in the file, so that when pasted, each line or selection is inserted into its corresponding and respective caret within the file!

Screenshot of multi-select enhancements in v21.10

New: Expanded theme support

Your editor will look better than ever with the completely re-designed FTP Open, Save, and Accounts dialogs!

Screenshot of new theming support in v21.10

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