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UltraEdit v21.30: It's about over-delivering on our commitment to support, quality, and performance!

The IDM team is proud to round out the 21.x series of UltraEdit with yet another maintenance release — v21.30 delivers more than 80 improvements upon v21.20 , including significant improvements in our integrated FTP client, find/replace functionality and a leap in performance of the output window.

v21.30 is not just a maintenance release... it's the polish and support unique to professionally supported software... read below.

New FTP/SFTP features

  • Enable Keep Alive
  • Enable IPv6

New Find in Files improvements

  • Stunning performance increase when writing to output window

New code folding improvements

  • Code folding guide now draws with many nested folds/unfolds

UltraEdit v21.30 also includes over 80 improvements to the following components:

  • Column Mode
  • Undo/Redo
  • Word Wrap
  • File Conversions
  • New/Open/Close
  • Scripting
  • List Lines Containing String
  • Find/Replace/Find Next/Find Prev
  • Find in Files/Replace in Files
  • Regular Expressions/Find/Replace
  • Find String List
  • Function List
  • Output Window
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Split Window

If you purchased v21 or greater, your upgrade is free. Get v21.30 now by going to Help -> Check for Updates. If you've not upgraded yet, now is the time!