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Secure your privacy with UltraSentry


Complete your file management suite with the best in secure folder/file deletion, disk sanitation, registry cleaning, and internet history removal! UltraSentry is a highly-advanced military grade disk and selected registry cleaner with an easy-to-use interface and wizard. Whether it's simply cleaning sensitive personal files from a public computer or decommissioning/sanitizing fleets of PCs at your corporation, UltraSentry is highly configurable, and the ultimate solution for beyond-recoverable file/folder data removal.


UltraSentry's intuitive wizard makes cleaning operations simple and fast. Clean your browsers, applications, email clients, MS Office, INI files, page file, slack space, and more...
Securely delete your sensitive data with UltraSentry's intuitive interface. Delete specific files/folders, clean the recycling bin, or launch specified cleaning operations and profiles!
Modify and create profiles to easily execute a multitude of cleaning tasks! With four pre-configured profiles and the ability to edit these or add your own, you have the ease of mind that your privacy is secure.

Configure and schedule UltraSentry to run at your convenience -- once day, week, or month, or on events such as log on/log off. Configure cleaning operations to match your preferences.

Worry-free privacy management with UltraSentry's profile execution scheduling!

Okay, you've run the wizard, you have your secure delete options set, and you've named and saved your profile for later reuse. What else could you need? How about scheduling your profile for automated execution - simply set it, and forget it!

Click the schedule icon in UltraSentry's toolbar to open the "Scheduler" tab of the configuration dialog. This window allows you to add, modify, and delete scheduled profiles.

In the "Schedule profile" window, you have several options for choosing and configuring profile scheduling:

  • Daily
  • Run once
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Run on event

The Run on event is a unique feature that allows you to run your cleaning operations on system shutdown, restart, etc.

Click here to learn more about scheduling your cleaning operations.