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Secure your privacy with UltraSentry


Complete your file management suite with the best in secure folder/file deletion, disk sanitation, registry cleaning, and internet history removal! UltraSentry is a highly-advanced military grade disk and selected registry cleaner with an easy-to-use interface and wizard. Whether it's simply cleaning sensitive personal files from a public computer or decommissioning/sanitizing fleets of PCs at your corporation, UltraSentry is highly configurable, and the ultimate solution for beyond-recoverable file/folder data removal.

UltraSentry's intuitive wizard makes cleaning operations simple and fast. Clean your browsers, applications, email clients, MS Office, INI files, page file, slack space, and more...
Configure and schedule UltraSentry to run at your convenience -- once day, week, or month, or on events such as log on/log off. Configure cleaning operations to match your preferences.
Modify and create profiles to easily execute a multitude of cleaning tasks! With four pre-configured profiles and the ability to edit these or add your own, you have the ease of mind that your privacy is secure.

Securely delete your sensitive data with UltraSentry's intuitive interface. Delete specific files/folders, clean the recycling bin, or launch specified cleaning operations and profiles!

UltraSentry Feature Map

Securing your privacy is a breeze with UltraSentry profiles!

One of the great things about UltraSentry is its ease of use via profiles. A profile is a group of related secure delete and sanitization tasks which can be executed at the click of the button. Profiles can also be run from the command line!

Below are descriptions of the four native profiles in UltraSentry; however, you can customize any of these or create your own as well!

Profile name: Log off clean up

Profile description: Secure log off clean up is a native profile to support the privacy requirements of people who share machines or have multi-user accounts on common desktops. This profile targets USER temporary files and is an automated level of security that will ensure your computing trail remains private. Consider scheduling it to run on-event by selecting "Schedule" under the Profiles main menu.

Here is a sample of what Log off clean up will wipe:

  • System temporary files
  • User temporary files
  • Recycle bin
  • Internet cookies
  • Internet Temporary Files
  • Internet Browser History
  • Search history
  • Network history
  • Recently used documents
  • Media player recent files
  • Run history
  • Auto complete history
  • Clipboard data
  • And so much more...

Profile name: Privacy guard

Profile description: The privacy guard will seek out and destroy (erase beyond recovery) the contents of USER folders that monitor and track Internet usage and habits but targets SYSTEM temporary files as well. Privacy guard will also rid your computer of Windows "hidden" files and other data stored without your knowledge such as clipboard data.

Profile name: Browser cleanup

Profile description: The Browser cleanup profile securely deletes your browser history, cache, auto-complete data, and unwanted cookies. temporary internet files and directories are wiped clean which includes system temp files, user temp files, and the recycle bin.

Support for all popular browsers.

Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL, Opera

"I need to thank you that you support Opera as it's my choice browser... for five years now... Opera is not too often supported where as IE and Mozilla Firefox are."
- Tero R.

By default the browser cleanup profile does the following:

  • Cleans user temporary files
  • Cleans clipboard data
  • Shows confirmation dialog

Profile name: Total system scrub

Profile description: Total system scrub is a comprehensive system cleaning operation. Total system scrub combines the cleaning operations of log off clean up and privacy guard and goes much deeper. Total system scrub also cleans the swap file and unused disk space in order to deep clean your hard drive. Total system scrub cleaning operations may take an extended period of time depending on your system configuration and available disk space. It is recommended that you close all open programs and run this profile as a scheduled event.