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Secure your privacy with UltraSentry


Complete your file management suite with the best in secure folder/file deletion, disk sanitation, registry cleaning, and internet history removal! UltraSentry is a highly-advanced military grade disk and selected registry cleaner with an easy-to-use interface and wizard. Whether it's simply cleaning sensitive personal files from a public computer or decommissioning/sanitizing fleets of PCs at your corporation, UltraSentry is highly configurable, and the ultimate solution for beyond-recoverable file/folder data removal.


Securely delete your sensitive data with UltraSentry's intuitive interface. Delete specific files/folders, clean the recycling bin, or launch specified cleaning operations and profiles!
Configure and schedule UltraSentry to run at your convenience -- once day, week, or month, or on events such as log on/log off. Configure cleaning operations to match your preferences.
Modify and create profiles to easily execute a multitude of cleaning tasks! With four pre-configured profiles and the ability to edit these or add your own, you have the ease of mind that your privacy is secure.

UltraSentry's intuitive wizard makes cleaning operations simple and fast. Clean your browsers, applications, email clients, MS Office, INI files, page file, slack space, and more...

UltraSentry's easy-to-use wizard makes securing your privacy a snap!

The UltraSentry wizard provides a step-by-step method to easily and securely delete sensitive information on your system. Simply walk through each step in the wizard to select your cleaning options then press Finish to execute the operation.

The UltraSentry wizard will automatically display when you first run UltraSentry. You can also invoke UltraSentry by either clicking the "wizard" icon from UltraSentry's home screen as shown in the feature map above.

Following is a brief explanation of the 11 cleaning options in the UltraSentry wizard:

1. Browsers

Securely delete sensitive browser data such as temporary internet files, cookies, browsing history, clipboard content, and more for several different web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Netscape Navigator, and AOL. You can also select cookies you'd like to keep here.

2. Email clients

Clean your sensitive mail client data for either Eudora or Thunderbird at a security level of your choosing (DoD level C, DoD level D, or shell level).

3. Applications

UltraSentry includes secure cleaning options for over 40 popular applications. Clean up INI files, caches, application-specific temporary files, application histories, and more with specific cleaning support for applications such as Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, iTunes, Kazaa, LimeWire, Norton, UltraEdit/UEStudio/UltraCompare, WinRAR, and much, much more!

4. Temporary files
Almost every application you use to edit data uses temporary files while you're editing files, and many applications do not remove them once you are finished editing. Your system has specific folders that were designed to hold these temporary files, and many users don't even know they exist! This option allows you to securely delete temporary files in several locations including system temp files, user temp file, the recycle bin, and more.

5. User files
This allows you to securely clean out Windows user directories including the "My Favorites", "My Music", and "My Pictures" folders. This can be very useful if you are migrating to a new system and you want to remove all traces of your personal data from the previous system.

6. History
Windows maintains a history of the most recent documents you've opened, your recent network places, applications you've run, recent music or movie files you've played, and any file searches as well. Use this option to securely delete those histories.

7. Any File
This option allows you to browse and choose ANY file in any location for secure deletion and removal. You can add an unlimited number of files to delete here, and you can specify a security level for wiping the data. Also, if a file specified for cleaning has alternate data streams associated with it, these will automatically be cleaned along with the file itself.

8. Any Folder
Just like the "Any File" option, this option allows you to browse and choose ANY folder in any location for secure deletion and removal. You can add an unlimited number of folders to delete here, and you can specify a security level for wiping the data.

Advanced cleaning operations

Note: The following steps are for advanced cleaning operations and are only recommended for those comfortable working in the Windows registry or with system files.

9. Registry Entries (Advanced)
This option allows you to add an unlimited number of registry entries for secure deletion and removal from your system. For instance, some applications may store sensitive data like recent file lists or histories in the registry.

10. INI files (Advanced)
UltraSentry allows you to select any number of INI files on your system and specify cleaning operations on a per-section basis in each INI file! For instance, if you may want to remove the "Recently opened files" section of an application's INI file.

11. Other operations (Advanced)
This step of the wizard provides several different useful cleaning operations. The swap file option allows you to securely delete hard drive space that Windows uses for virtual memory. You can also clean Windows clipboard data, hibernation file (if applicable), and your floppy drive sector. Finally, any extra space on a hard drive cluster that is not used by a file (known as file slack space) can be securely removed as well.

12. Notifications (Advanced)
These options allow you to execute external applications before or after running your profile, as well as setting an audio file for notifications of profile execution and completion.