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When it comes to value pricing, IDM's credo is "For the benefit of all." While other products offer less for more, we offer more for less, and here is how: Following a decade-long tradition of value pricing, IDM is proud to offer an even greater value proposition: Bundle Savings! To view all bundles click here.

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UE/UC Multi-platform

"I've been programming for 25 years and this product is the most impressive I've ever used. My productivity increase because of UltraEdit could probably be measured in months, if not years."
- Mark D.
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Why bundle savings

UEStudio and UltraEdit are designed to work seamlessly together with UltraCompare Professional as the perfect dovetail of editing, programming, comparison, merging, and synchronization tasks. In fact, you can invoke your registered copy of UltraCompare from within UEStudio or UltraEdit and it will automatically load the active file and load the previously active file in the compare to window. The first time you use it you will be amazed at the power and flexibility this combined offering will give you!

Enjoy the power of professional editing along with seamless integration of professional file/folder comparison & merge capabilities!

Our commitment to you...

IDM is excited to be expanding and offering our customers more choices and increased value. We know that after a decade of continued growth and market acceptance, it all comes back to you...our customer. You have provided the feedback, feature requests, suggestions and off-the-chart support that have made us who we are.

Looking at the past decade we feel so appreciative to be able to serve nearly two million users of IDM products. Looking ahead to the next decade, it is our desire to take the quality, performance and support of our products to an even higher standard while maintaining a tradition of value pricing.

Our most sincere appreciation...

Ian Mead

Corporate Licensing

It's easy to purchase corporate licensing from us!

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The new UltraSuite

The only fully integrated solution of its kind!

Four powerful applications: UltraEdit, UltraCompare, UltraFinder, and UltraSentry!

Save over 33% when you bundle with the UltraSuite!

Power of Portable

Now supporting PortableApps!

UE/UC Mobile

Unleash the power of the total file management solution on your flash drive!

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