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Use UltraEdit to compile Java

Can you use UltraEdit to compile Java code?

The answer: YES!. UltraEdit does not have an embedded compiler, however, you can configure a tool which will pass your code to the Java Compiler.

To configure the Java Compiler you will need to use the following information:

Command Line: " E:\jdk1.3\bin\javac "%n%e" "
Working Directory: "%p"
Menu Item Name: "Run Java Compiler"
Command Output (DOS Commands): "Output to List Box and Capture Output"

Java Compiler Tool

Step 1: Command Line (File Name and Extension)

In the Command line field type: E:\jdk1.3\bin\javac "%n%e"

  • E:\jdk1.3\bin\javac - Path to Java Compiler
  • "%n" - fileName only ("test")
  • "%e" - Extension only (".c")

Step 2: Working Directory

In the Working Directory field type: %p

  • %P - Path of file ex. ("C:\project\test\")
  • Please note: the %p cannot be enclosed with quotes.

Step 3: Menu Item Name

In the Menu Item Name field type: "Run Java Compiler"

  • Please note: This may be whatever you would like to name your tool.

Step 4: Command Output (DOS Commands)

In the Command Output section select the following options: "Output to List Box" and "Capture Output".

Step 5: You're Done

After completing the above steps click on the"Insert" button and your custom tool will be added.

Now that you are done, click "OK".

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