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We've all needed to do it at one time or another - Calculate the total from a column of numerical data... When you're working in UE, there's the hard way and the smart way to do it.

You can manually type the values into your calculator, or you can use UltraEdit's sum column feature to quickly sum the total of the column values.

Sum Column/Selection in Column Mode

Step 1: Select the Text in Column Mode

To use the Sum Column/Selection, you will need to select the data in Column mode. Hit ALT+C to switch to column mode. You can then select the column of data by moving the cursor horizontally and vertically - while holding shift.

When you are done selecting the column of data you want to total, you should see something like this:

Sum Column

Step 2: Sum the Selection

To sum the column of data, go to Sum Column/Selection in the Column menu.

Sum Column

You should see that the columns have been totaled and the value displayed in the Sum Selected Text dialog.

Sum Column

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