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Delete internet browser cookies

What is a cookie? Cookies are text files, stored on your hard drive, that hold information from a particular website. Some cookies may contain information such as a theme preference for a website, while other cookies can contain important login information.

In the past, malicious websites have used various tactics to swipe the cookie information from visitors' hard-drives. If you are concerned about the cookie information on your system, you can use UltraSentry to securely delete the cookies left behind by your browser.

Clean Cookies with UltraSentry

Step 1. Delete Cookies

UltraSentry allows you to delete all cookies, or selectively delete cookies. If you wish to remove all cookies from your system, simply click on the Clean Cookies button on the main toolbar.

Delete Cookies

If you wish to Keep specific cookies, UltraSentry allows further functionality for this. Continue reading to learn more...

Step 2. Select cookies to keep

You will be presented with the "Select Cookies" dialog.

Delete Cookies

Place a checkmark next to, or select, the cookies you wish to keep.

Repeat the above process for each browser you wish to clean cookies in. You will need to select the browser in the "Select Browser for Cleaning" window then click on the "Select Cookies to Keep" button.

When you are done, press OK, and UltraSentry will proceed with deleting all cookies that you did not checked.

Delete Cookies

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