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Securely delete internet download directory with UltraSentry

Most of us download files from the Internet daily. Files and file components that you have downloaded from the web can be harmless, but sometimes they can contain viruses, spyware, or ad-ware applications.

Fact is, if you view something on your computer, it's most likely that the file is stored in a temporary file or download directory and will remain there for others to view if you do not remove it. These and other graphics may be bogging your computer down or presenting privacy risks for others using your computer.

By selecting "Download Directories" UltraSentry will clean out the default Windows download folder. This process will also un-register the ActiveX components in the specified directories and mark them for deletion on reboot.

Clean up Your Download Folder

Step 1: Launch the UltraSentry Wizard

Launch the UltraSentry Wizard from the toolbar.

Cleaning Download Directories

Step 2: Download Directories in the Wizard

Select item four in the Wizard index, Temporary Files, and check Download Directories. Note this will enable the Add directory button.

Cleaning Download Directories

Step 3: Browse to the Download Directory

Simply browse to the download or temp directory you desire UltraSentry to Clean!

Cleaning Download Directories

Once your have populated the directories window with the specified download folders and directories to clean you can either click finish and run the cleaning operation or click next to continue building your custom cleaning profile.

Note: You can create or modify any existing or custom cleaning profile to incorporate the download directory cleaning operation by clicking the configuration icon on the main toolbar and selecting the profiles tab in the configuration dialog. There you can select any native or custom profile and click Modify. Simply follow the steps noted above and save your exiting profile once you have added the desired settings

Step 4: Finish

You can click on Finish, then Run, in the Wizard if you would like to run the download cleanup only. You can also schedule this action to run later, or configure additional wizard cleaning operations.

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