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UltraSentry Total System Scrub

The Total System Scrub profile is a comprehensive system cleaning operation; click here to see the list of items that Total System Scrub cleans. It is recommended that you close all open programs and run this profile as a scheduled event.

To run the Total System Scrub, do the following:

1. Click Run Profile

2. In the Choose Profile dialog, select Total System Scrub then click Execute Profile

3. Click OK

System Scrub

The Total System Scrub profile cleans the following:

  • Cleans Temporary Files
  • Cleans User Temporary Files
  • Cleans Recycle Bin
  • Cleans Scan Disk Temporary Files
  • Cleans Recent Used Documents List
  • Cleans Search History
  • Cleans Common Dialogs History
  • Cleans Find Computer History
  • Cleans Network History
  • Cleans Mediaplayer Recent Files
  • Cleans Find File History
  • Cleans Run History
  • Cleans Start Menu Click History
  • Cleans Start Menu Order History
  • Cleans Windows Swap File
  • Wipes Free Space C:\ Shell level
  • Cleans File Slack Space C:\ Shell level
  • Cleans Clipboard Data
  • Shows Confirmation Dialog

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