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UltraSentry stealth mode

UltraSentry features a Stealth Mode so you can simply designate a hot key to execute any desired cleaning operation.

Stealth Mode

Step 1: Click on the configuration icon

To set up your own Stealth mode preferences, just click the configuration icon on the main toolbar.

Open Configuration

Step 2: Click on the Stealth Mode tab

Simply click the Stealth Mode tab on the main configuration dialog to display the Stealth Mode options

Stealth Mode Tab

Step 3: Schedule Task

Now just check the cleaning operation you desire and specify the Modifier and Key you want to use to execute that operation. You can even tell UltraSentry to hide the progress bar and Restart Dialog.

Try setting up Log-Off Cleanup to run on the hotkey Alt+L and click save. Click to show or hide the progress bar and save! Now when you enter Stealth Mode and you want to clean up your file and internet trail, just click Alt+L…It’s that simple!

Stealth Mode Configuration

Step 4: Enter Stealth Mode

To enter Stealth Mode, just click the Stealth mode icon on the main Toolbar. Now that you are in Stealth Mode you can execute your cleaning operations with simple hot keys in complete privacy. Many users like configuring daily cleanup tasks on hot keys just for ease of use!

Stealth Mode Configuration

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