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Web browser cleanup

It's as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

Browser Cleanup securely deletes your browser history, cache, autocomplete data, and unwanted cookies. Temporary Internet Files and Directories are wiped clean to include system temp files, user temp files, and the recycle bin.

UltraSentry Supports secure browser cleanup for all popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Netscape Navigator, and IE

Web Browsers

Run the profile

  1. Click the Run Profile icon on the Main UltraSentry Toolbar
  2. Select Browser Cleanup from the default cleaning profile list
  3. Click Execute Profile!

Browser Cleanup

Customize Browser Cleanup to maintain selected cookies

If you would like to add other custom features to your Browser cleanup, like Selective Cookie Cleaning, just follow these simple steps:

1. Select the Configuration Icon from the main UltraSentry Toolbar.

2. Select the Profiles Tab in the configuration dialog

3. Select Browser Cleanup from the Existing Profiles list

4. Click Modify

Browser Cleanup

5. Click Select Cookies to keep (Pop-up dialog will list cookies for your to select)

Browser Cleanup

6. Click Finish

7. Then Click Save and "Yes" to overwrite existing profile.

Browser Cleanup

Now when you run Browser Cleanup your favorite cookies will be kept!

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