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File management solution

For individuals and corporations alike, there is no other solution available that offers the level of control over
your workflow than that which is found in the UltraEdit/UltraCompare solution.

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What's New in UltraEdit?

Our most current version is 22.20. To tour that version's changes, click its link below.

UltraEdit v21 now available: A new era begins!

We are incredibly excited and proud to announce the release of v21. This release includes some seriously groundbreaking and game-changing new features that will help speed up and improve your editing. But don't take our word for it... check v21 out for yourself in our video demo below:


New: Quick Find

Revolutionize the way you search in UltraEdit with Quick Find. Quick Find is an unobtrusive, easily accessible search tool similar to the find bar in your favorite browser. Press Ctrl + F and begin typing the string you want to find. UltraEdit will immediately jump to the first occurrence and highlight each match as you type.

Screenshot of new Quick Find feature

Need to get to the regular Find dialog? No problem - just press Ctrl + F a second time or click the "..." button. Press ESC to close the Quick Find dialog when you're done with your search and the highlighting is cleared.

Quick tip: You can also use Alt + Q to toggle focus between the edit window and the Quick Find dialog.


New: Multi-caret editing

Make multiple changes in different places in your file at one time. Add, delete, or select text in multiple places at once with multi-caret editing. Quickly close HTML tags on multiple lines of varying length. Add comments to the end of each line within a function block. Remove unwanted lines scattered throughout your file with a single keystroke. The possibilities are endless with multi-caret editing!

Screenshot of multi-caret

Quick tip: To get quick carets at the end of each line, select all lines you want to edit, then Ctrl + click beyond line end. VoilĂ !

Multi-caret editing is so FREAKING COOL!

- Garyl H. (UltraEdit beta tester)

Screenshot of multi-select

Quick tip: If you accidentally added a caret in the wrong place, you can press Ctrl + Alt + Z to remove it. You can also Ctrl + click on a caret or selection to remove it from the set.


New: Re-imagined multi-pane FTP browser

Take your FTP to another level with v21's completely re-imaged FTP browser. With independently resizable split explorer panes, drag-and-drop transfers, color-coded transfer status, and a whole lot of performance improvements...there's nothing this FTP client can't do.

Screenshot of new FTP browser in v21

Quick tip: Check the context menu in the local/remote panes for even more functionality in the FTP browser!


See the full list of changes for the UltraEdit v21.x series

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