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UltraEdit text editor v22.20 upgrade request

You are eligible for a free upgrade if:

  1. You purchased your license within the last 12 months, or
  2. You purchased your license within the last 24 months and you purchased a 2nd year of free upgrades, or
  3. You purchased your license with unlimited upgrades

Free upgrade request form

This form is for users that have PAID for a registration or upgrade in the last 12 months OR who have registered a license with UNLIMITED UPGRADES. If it has been longer than 12 months, or you are not registered, please visit our online store to see your registration options.

If you have registered within the last 12 months, please provide all the information below accurately.

IMPORTANT NOTICE for those eligible for a free upgrade to v22.20

If you already have a license ID and password, and you are eligible for a free upgrade to v22.20, there is no need for a new code, since your license is based on eligibility period, not version. Our new licensing makes upgrading as easy as installing the new version, which you can get here!

If you do not have a license ID and password, then you may fill out the form below to receive one.

Your name: (required)
User name: (required)

(This should be EXACTLY as provided in your original registration email or letter from us.)

Authorization code:
Current email address: (required)

Original email address: (required)

This is the email address you were using when you placed the order.

How long should I wait?

If the information is correct and accurate, and you are eligible for a free upgrade, you will receive new registration information promptly. If not correct, you will receive a response indicating this, usually on the same day (or Monday if submitted on the weekend).

For all questions, please email idm@idmcomp.com.

*IDM products come with complimentary upgrades for one year from the registration date. Complimentary upgrades are not driven by version number or point release, but rather the 12 month period following the date of paid registration. Because IDM only maintains the latest production release of its titles, complimentary upgrades must be requested within the 12 month eligibility period.

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