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When it comes to text editors, UltraEdit is the best choice for professional users. Find out why, straight from the company who makes it.
published September 12, 2019 by IDM
We go over three reasons why UltraEdit is the best text editor for your business.
published February 4, 2019 by IDM
Ian Mead, founder and president of IDM, shares a Christmas message
published December 11, 2018 by Ian Mead
Markdown has been huge since its inception, and it's only getting bigger. Learn more about Markdown (and why you should brush up on it) here.
published September 20, 2018 by IDM
In addition to being a top-class text editor, UltraEdit is also an extremely popular hex editor. Hex editors are typically less understood than text editors, so we wrote an article explaning what hex editors are and why you might want to use one.
published April 24, 2018 by Ian Mead
The text editor community tends to prefer free and open source software. While commonly praised as superior to proprietary software, open source has some lesser known downsides that we address in this article.
published February 6, 2018 by Ian Mead
While huge text files are an annoying part of coding, they don't have to stop you in your tracks. Read about some of the best ways to cut large text files down to size.
published December 12, 2017 by Ian Mead
Your text editor is the most important tool you use every day. So, it should be able to handle everything you need it for.
published October 25, 2017 by Ian Mead
Ian Mead, founder and president of IDM, shares a Christmas message
published December 5, 2016 by Ian Mead
The most awarded editor gets a fresh engine in v24
published November 7, 2016 by Richard Knott
We’ve had many users contact us with questions and opinions regarding our recent overhaul of UltraEdit's user interface. If you’ve used v23.00, you’ve already experienced the modern, highly customizable new ribbon and revamped menu and toolbar first hand.
published April 28, 2016 by Richard Knott
There is a lot to love about UltraEdit v23, including one new less obvious but important feature: Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) display support.
published April 27, 2016 by Ben Schwenk
To say the least, technology has advanced leaps and bounds and the era we are in offers software publishers amazing power to leverage within thier applications. From application development, functionality...
published April 27, 2016 by Ian Mead
Some thoughts on Twitter's rumored jump from 140 character content limits to 10,000.
published January 5, 2016 by Joe Castelli
Why not resolve to learn something new in 2016?
published December 31, 2015 by Joe Castelli
Company news releases
G2 Crowd, a review aggregate focused on business software use, awarded IDM 96th place on their Top 100 Software Companies list, which required IDM to get at least 100 reviews across all their products in 2017.
published February 5, 2018 by IDM
Every so often, our support team fields a message in which someone writes an in-depth review - and today is one of those days! Our most sincere thanks to Jim Curry for the outstanding review!
published July 28, 2010 by Andy Boyd
The People Have Spoken... Again... For the second year in a row, UltraEdit was announced winner of the People's Choice Award for "The Best Business Application or Utility" by the Shareware Industry Association
published July 21, 2008 by IDM
UltraEdit: In the News...
published April 14, 2008 by IDM
New translations of IDM software in Japanese
published March 17, 2008 by IDM
Message from Ian D. Mead - Founder of IDM Computer Solutions, Inc.
published February 19, 2008 by Ian Mead
We are delighted to announce that UltraEdit was awarded with the 2007 "People's Choice Award" for "The Best Business Application or Utility" by the Shareware Industry Association...
published February 18, 2008 by IDM