2011 Christmas Message from Ian Mead

It's Christmas time already! How exciting. Let me start by wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and Holiday season. It's always so busy but let's make sure we enjoy it!

It really doesn't seem very long since I wrote my last Christmas message and talked about the classic film, "It's a Wonderful Life". I find the film's message especially meaningful today; life itself allows us to touch others lives and make contributions towards helping those in need.

For those that are reading, I truly want to thank you for that part that you play. Most of you are customers, or as I prefer, supporters of our products. Your loyal support allows us (the IDM Team) to support our families, to do the things we do, to have the jobs and hobbies we have but more importantly, your support allows us to support others in need.

From helping kids that don't have both Mum and Dad, helping kids that barely have enough to live on and don't get school supplies, anything special at holidays and Christmas, to orphans and children that are abused around the world, to drilling wells in Africa for tribes and villages without water, to young girls and women trapped in human trafficking and more. Helping these people locally and around the world is all possible because you support our products.

Let's continue this Christmas to help those around us, be it with a helping hand, a smile when needed, financially as we are able, sharing with the hurting, or anything that makes a difference.

As I reflect upon this past year, it seems as the years go by, time goes by even quicker. My youngest daughter graduated High School and I now have three beautiful daughters in college (until the oldest graduates next week) and a beautiful wife that always supports me in all I do. I've also said hello to newborn babies and said goodbye to some friends that passed on to meet their Savior. So much happens, and I am so thankful it's still a wonderful life.

As always, for all who celebrate Christmas, let's remember the real meaning and keep Christ in Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

God Bless,


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