2012 Christmas Message from Ian Mead

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas - as I always say, it's that time again! It should always be such a wonderful time of year, joyous, happy, celebratory, and a great time of sharing, but sadly for many it is not.

It is for each of us an opportunity reach out to bless others, which in turn often becomes a greater blessing to ourselves. It's wonderful to see so many people of all walks of life, different backgrounds, different faiths all helping others out, looking for opportunities to bless someone else in small ways and large. It really is a time of giving, for many more so than receiving.

In that regard, I was reflecting on some family traditions that give us great joy in helping and blessing others, as I am sure many of you do also. Each year on Christmas Eve we have family communion at our church which is a special time, and following that we go to a local Chinese buffet restaurant. Just after we sit down to eat, we get up and walk around the restaurant paying for everyone's meal. The reaction of the people receiving this, and the staff is amazing. You can see that for many it really makes a difference and as we do this we always pass it on as God's blessing. A few people won't accept, some say they will pass it on, and many just give us a big hug, or thank you and we all move on. It's a very special and fun time for us. We don't do this for any personal gain or self-gratification, but out of a desire to bless and give to others as we have been blessed in so many ways.

A few years ago we had been doing this for a while we met a single lady that we had recognized from previous years. She said that she was always there waiting and hoping that we would stop by that Christmas.

It's neat for us that our girls (now young ladies) have been a part of this tradition for many years and have learned a lot through it.

This is one of the exciting traditions we look forward to each year. Three years ago the restaurant we always visited closed but fortunately we found another one near by that we frequent as least once a year.

I gave much thought as to sharing this or not. Again, this is not shared for any personal gain or self appreciation, but I know that when I hear a neat story it prompts me into thinking about what more I can do to make a difference and just maybe this gives you some ideas or thoughts. Whatever we have, small or large, there are always opportunities to share and give to others, to bring cheer and blessing into their lives. I challenge you to look for opportunities to do the same this Christmas.

Thank you as always for reading. Let's always keep Christ in Christmas and remember that He was the greatest gift of all.

Merry Christmas!


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