Solution Driven Editing... UltraEdit/UltraCompare


I recently received an email that sparked this post and I wanted to share that with you briefly. The email was from a UC beta tester and he was very excited about UltraCompare v6.00 and its great advancements. Hearing excitement about a new version is always good to hear, but this user went further.

He spoke about how he uses the file compare integration (with UE) daily, and how he could now treat that compare as a session, edit/merge the files within that session, then save the result and refresh the files in UE with the new data.

This beta tester was remarking on our vision for solution driven editing. We know how inconvenient it is to have to open another application, manually load files, and then diff/merge/save these files -- then reopen those same files within the editor again to continue working.

Our vision is simple, know your user, know their needs, exceed those needs. From UltraEdit or UEStudio, you can spawn a two or three way compare of saved (or temporary) files and pass the diff results back to the editor in a single click.

Of course, the converse is also true... From UltraCompare, you can also spawn a recursive directory compare and double click the file and fire it off in UltraEdit or UEStudio for a closer look or for further editing.

The seamless two-way integration of these applications constitutes the "solution" approach that our users need to face today's computing challenges. As we advance UltraEdit/UEStudio/UltraCompare in the versions to come, we plan to extend that integration to include FTP, projects, and other major attributes of UltraEdit and UEStudio... Making the solution even more powerful!

We invite you to try UltraCompare v6.00 and see for yourself how the solution driven approach can help you in your daily work flow.

Best wishes,


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