UltraEdit Saves the Day!

Just like you, I rely heavily on UltraEdit in my day-to-day work. UltraEdit's wide-range of features allow me to accomplish an innumerable amount of tasks.

But, when I think about UltraEdit's features, scripting is one of my personal favorites. I've used scripting to simplify countless tasks at work and at home. On a few occasions, scripting has helped me avoid a disaster - well, maybe not a "disaster", but a setback anyway...

As a case in point, a few years ago, a system update corrupted my email/mbox file on my home computer. I was able to retrieve the mbox file, but my email client couldn't parse it. I created a script in UltraEdit to parse/restore email messages out of the corrupted mbox file. What a relief; I nearly lost over 1,000 archived emails - but UltraEdit saved the day!

Of course, my main use of UltraEdit centers on editing/coding, but I've done much more than just "code" with UltraEdit.

What about you, do you have any "UltraEdit saves the day" stories?

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