Community Survey Results are Here!

We recently asked 3,000 IDM customers to participate in our first ever user-driven development survey.

This survey is an extension of our user-driven development model because knowing how you use UltraEdit and what is important to you helps us make the World's Best Text Editor even better.

Before I discuss the results, I would like to offer our most sincere thanks to those of you who participated. Your feedback has been invaluable in planning for the coming year and will certainly guide future decisions as well.

What did we ask?

We asked you to tell us about the features you need; what you use most; how you use UltraEdit; and more. Some of the most telling responses were to the following questions:

  • Please tell us how you use UltraEdit.
  • Please tell us how important the following proposed features are to you.
  • How satisfied are you with UltraEdit?

Who uses UltraEdit most?

Of the multiple disciplines who use UltraEdit, it should come as no surprise that most of you were Application Developers and/or Web Developers. At the same time, there were many others that had varied uses from System Administrators to Technical Writers. We appreciate you all

Your favorite (proposed) features?

  • Indicate changed/modified lines in the margin.
  • Indent guide lines
  • Highlight search string in output window results

On a related note, in terms of existing features, the "most important" feature was Find and Replace.

We have taken your feedback into consideration and will strive to accommodate them - to the best of our ability - in v16.00. Keep watching the blog for v16.00 development updates...

Features or performance?

The simple answer is both... We recognize that you want improvements to existing features and performance improvements. Over 90% of respondents were pleased with UltraEdit's performance. We are happy that you have been pleased with performance, but we plan to continue to enhance features and improve performance because that is what you have come to expect from UltraEdit.

Are you satisfied with UltraEdit?

As you know, our goal has always been to exceed your expectations, so we sought to measure how we were delivering upon this goal. Using a scale 1 (very dissatisfied) to 7 (very satisfied), nearly 70% gave us the highest ranking possible (7 - Very Satisfied) in the following areas:

  • UltraEdit Overall - 69.70% selected 7 (Very Satisfied)
  • Reliability - 72.73% selected 7 (Very Satisfied)

While some may be pleased with this result - afterall, 70% giving the highest ranking is excellent - we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. As such, using the data collected from the survey, we will continue to focus on improving in ways that matter most to you.

We were particularly pleased with the results and we hope you found them interesting.

We are hopeful that this is the first in a string of many more surveys dedicated to learning about your daily computing challenges and how we can serve you better. Our thanks again to all who participated.

Cheers, Andy

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