What to Expect in 2010

UltraEdit Development Doctrine

In technology, a lot happens in one year... What can you expect in 2010?

This year marked the release of IDM's next generation file management solutions. We made huge technology installments in all our titles. We added more threaded processes to UltraEdit/UEStudio, a wordfile overhaul, an XML manager, code folding guide lines, major column mode advancements, unlimited undo, and so much more... All tolled we incorporated over 100 new features and enhancements - which you requested.

It was a big year for UltraCompare Professional too. UltraCompare graduated to a mainstream application. With four major releases in 2009, we brought UltraCompare's functionality and performance on par with any other application in its class. In numerous circumstances, UltraCompare Pro well exceeds the capabilities of applications costing hundreds of dollars more.

In terms of human engineering, we incorporated the all new framework into all our titles that allows much more flexibility and a vastly-improved user experience. The new GUI, combined with the advanced docking controls, puts everything within the convenient reach of a single click.

All of this and so much more... in a single year!

What's in store for 2010? The disciplined pursuit of excellence.

Our plans for 2010 are focused on leveraging the advancements in hardware, operating systems, and emerging programming trends. Our strategy will include: ensuring all our titles are compatible with the new Windows 7 platform; advancing the performance of our solutions via rejuvenated code; all the while ensuring the high quality standards that IDM products are known for.

UltraEdit v16.00 is already underway and is expected in March 2010. We built in development time to accommodate a material maintenance installment as well as many exciting technology advancements. We are very excited about what's in store and know that you will be too.

UEStudio '10 will extend its web/application development tool set and reflect the sum of the v16.00 features as well.

We will lead the year with the January release of UltraCompare Professional v7.00 - which is showcased in our December newsletter here. The v7.xx series will include a common FTP browser, stored sessions, a file manager, improved drag/drop operations, and more! We also expect the release of UCx (UltraCompare for Linux/Mac) in 2010.

As I said above, when it comes to technology, so much happens in a year - so keep watching for all the exciting new releases. As always, our commitment to you is to keep step with technology and deliver the best solution available at the best value possible.

Thank you for trusting IDM as your solution provider.


Richard Knott
Vice President/COO

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