What Will UEx Become...

The goal of UEx is to deliver the classic features and functionality of the Windows version of UltraEdit to Linux and Mac community while ensuring we are true to the expectation of providing a native Linux and Mac computing experience.

For instance, consider Primary Selection support; that is copying and pasting via the middle mouse button. One of many standard features that Linux users must have, so UEx supports it. While there are obvious visible features, there are also "under the hood" features that must be supported to ensure that UEx delivers the native Linux experience that users expect, such as file permissions, group/ownership handling, umask support, symbolic link support, etc.

As so many have noted, UEx offers a substantial feature set, superb large file handling, and is in sync with other traditional editors in regards to offering a true Linux computing experience... But, where other editors end, UEx begins. Herein lies UEx's greatest strength: it is subject to IDM's development tempo, our passion for performance, dedication to quality, and commitment to value.

With over 15 years of experience with text and programmers editors, our development staff knows the features you need to simplify your day-to-day work. What's more, we have strived to ensure UEx offers the best performance available. All this to provide you with the combination of the most features, performance, and quality...

As important as features, performance, and quality are, so is value. Besides saving as much as 30% on introductory pricing, you can trust IDM will continue do deliver on the value of 1-year free upgrades. In the near term, users can expect a high development tempo that will deliver on many more powerful features such as:




Advanced File
System Access



FTP SSH/Telnet Tool Tool Performance Performance

For long-term consideration, the intent is to power the Linux/Mac community the same way we have powered the Windows community for the past 15+ years.

Our Linux support staff is up and running, we have full-time, in-house dedicated Linux engineers and support/QA staff taking user requests and making those requests realities today. Your feedback will directly impact future development considerations.

What will UEx become? Simply put, what you and other users desire. Our user driven development model is in play and in full swing. The open channel we have is an example of how we engage our users and seek to understand their needs. Your feedback is invited and we are ready to listen.

I invite you to try UEx today. The introductory pricing is our way of thanking you for your patience and loyalty to UltraEdit. Of course, users can soon expect UltraCompare for Linux (UCx) too as our solution approach to text editing is not bound by platform preference.

Thank you for supporting UltraEdit and our efforts to become your multi-platform solution provider!

-Ian and team

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