Rev up your commissions with UltraEdit v23.00!

The release of UltraEdit v23 marks the complete transformation for the world's leading text editor. A new user-interface, sleek icons, UHD/4K/Retina monitor support, native 32-bit/64-bit versions, and Win 8 / Win 10 optimizations are just some of the advances your clients will love.

Seeing is believing. From its split-second startup to its incredible beauty, this is an unprecedented opportunity for resellers to reach out to users and promote sales.

How much more revenue/commissions can you make?

The last time we released a transformational version of UltraEdit was the v21.x series in 2014 – and our revenue grew by more than 20%.

It's once again time to update the fleet! We anticipate the new UltraEdit v23.00 release to set new highs for sales, paid upgrades, and subscriptions to our All Access suite.

UltraEdit v23.00 is a worldwide, mass upgrade, and license expansion event that will cross all verticals, disciplines, and users. Users are floored by the all-new look. See below:

I have just updated to the latest-and-greatest version of UltraEdit – and it's as if you read my mind...

Allow me to express my thanks for your new interface paradigm, as with it you have succeeded in the seemingly impossible task of maintaining a rich feature set, without overwhelming the user with a cacophony of options and choices, all at the same time.

The tabs are useful and meaningful. The options presented within each tab are both relevant and yet unobtrusive. The intelligent use of whitespace within the tab elements provides the appearance of a clean and uncluttered workspace that is conducive to getting work done.

Up until now, UltraEdit has become more and more complex – and as a consequence more and more difficult to work with – leaving me yearning for the clear, clean and uncluttered workspace of the earlier versions.

With the new interface, I have the best of both worlds. If I want to just "edit" something – I can do it with a minimum of distraction. If I want to get down to serious coding, I can do that too.

I have been asking you folks for a simpler, and cleaner, interface for many years. With this last update you have answered my prayers.

Reach out to your clients, kickstart your 2016 sales and commissions by promoting UltraEdit v23.00 and our coming releases this quarter.

Maximize your commission when you maximize your order. We've made it easy to maximize your sales with new versions of all our Windows products... even our Mac version is new!

  1. Upgrade your clients to the all-new UltraEdit v23 and add UltraCompare – Adds $20 per seat
  2. Upgrade your clients to the all new UltraEdit and add the suite – Adds $60 per seat
  3. Upgrade your clients from their existing license of UltraEdit to our All Access subscription license: The biggest no-brainer – all our products for $99/yr!

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