New Licensing Phase II: Customer feedback in action

Hello Everyone,

As many know, this year marked a major technology upgrade for IDM. We not only commissioned one of the most significant development cycles for UltraEdit in our history, we also updated our packaging and worldwide distribution mechanism.

So many users have praised the new 17.x series, modernized update detection, and seamless installs however, they have asked for additional flexibility. We hear you!

In v17.20 users can now reset their activations for their license by simply clicking a link within the activation dialog. This, in addition to automatic deactivation upon uninstall, allows users to manage and move their licenses from one machine or virtualized environment to another!

The quality and performance of UltraEdit has never been better. Plus, the new Install Shield installer combined with our online activation mechanism allows seamless updates. Together the solution provides the ability to automatically detect if an upgrade is available, message to the user if the update is free, and install the upgrade over your existing license without disturbing your custom settings and without the need of ever changing your registration key.

Our goal, our passion, our single purpose is to provide our users the flexibility and options they need to solve the daily computing challenges they face. Thank you for trusting IDM as your total solution provider!

- Richard Knott

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