New packaging and new installation technology in UltraEdit v17.00

Hello Everyone,

When you publish a solution that millions depend upon, you not only have to accommodate the ever changing programming trends of our discipline, but must also adapt to the ever changing world of technology.

New tools make it easy to deploy applications on today's 64-bit Windows 7 and Windows Server operating systems.

InstallShieldIDM has become a global solution provider with a multilingual user base. World-wide users need full Unicode support in not only their applications but also their installers.

The time has come for IDM to update its packaging solution.

For over 20 years, InstallShield has been the gold standard for building Windows installer software, and is used by virtually every major software company in the world. Because we want to provide our users a flawless localized installation experience we have migrated to the InstallShield packaging solution!

As one of our beta testers recently reported, “the install went silky-smooth...” We hope you think so too!



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