UltraCompare v8.0... The Leap in Functionality happens Jan 2011!

UC v8 - coming soonThis month we are pre-announcing another "Leap in Functionality" for UC v8.0: Find Duplicates! This feature is powerful and easy-to-use. Simply click the Find Duplicates icon on the main toolbar. Specify one or more local or remote target directories, check any search/filter criteria, and click start! UC Pro will find the duplicates you have and present them to you for viewing or removal to your recycle bin.

Screenshot of new Find Duplicates feature in UltraCompare v8

Last month we pre-announced the all-new Synchronization engine in UC v8.0. The new synchronization interface allows users to merge file/folder differences in a click of a mouse, sync local and remote directories in a snap, and even store frequently used merge/sync operations as sessions.

Screenshot of new sync feature in UltraCompare v8

The development of UltraCompare v8.00 is nearing beta, and commercial release is planned for early January 2011. Indeed, there will be MAJOR new features in UC v8.0 that will significantly change the way you manage change. Look for release next month!


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