UC v8.0... The Leap of Functionality you have been waiting for!

The development of UltraCompare v8.00 is well underway and we are tentatively expecting commercial release early next year (Jan/Feb 2011).

The development strategy for UC v8.00 is best described by our own Eric Stegemoller as a "Leap in Functionality." Eric put a significant effort into the specifications of UC v8.0 and did a fantastic job!

Indeed, there will be MAJOR new features in UC v8.0 that will significantly change the way you manage change. The overall plan we have for the v8.x series is unprecedented.

UC v8 - coming soonBy the end of 2011, UltraCompare Professional will tout unmatched power and functionality in the difference management sector, as well as be fully ported to Linux and OSX. This blog is Part 1 of a 3 Part series on UC v8.0. Each post will pre-announce one major feature of UC v8.0.

In this post we would like to announce the all new Sync/Merge engine in UC v8.0!

Click to sign up for UltraCompare v8 beta testingWith much credit to user feedback and especially to Michael Bulgrien, an outstanding user community leader and trusted friend of IDM,it has become clear that although UC is a powerful difference management tool used worldwide in conjunction with UE or as a stand-alone app, it still lacks an equally powerful file/folder synchronization interface.

We hear you! UC v8.0 will offer an elegant, easy to use, yet powerful synchronization interface so users can merge file differences in a click of a mouse, sync local and remote directories in a snap, and even store frequently used merge/sync operations as sessions.

Below is a mock-up depicting the new tabbed merge/synchronization user interface. If you would like to be one of the first users to use this powerful feature, please email us and sign up for the UC v8.0 beta (currently expected mid December).

Screenshot of new sync feature in UltraCompare v8

Be sure to check next months UC Post where we will announce an even more exciting feature coming to UC v8.0.

Best wishes,

- Rich

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